I am Stella Ongorok Program coordinator Malengo – Uganda

Program coordinator job was advertised by Malengo, I applied and went through the interview process. The process was not as simple as one would think, but I think you have guessed the outcome.

As a teacher, counsellor and social scientist. I am passionate about working with young people

I am motivated when I see the people I have taught, counselled and mentored succeeding in their goals/ academics /careers and life generally

I get excited about this job when I see serious focused and determined students applying for the scholarship and doing all they need to do to succeed in getting a chance to study in Germany, a chance to achieve their dreams, a chance to quality education, a chance to study abroad, a brighter future! – This thrills me.

I see Malengo growing every year, spreading to the whole of Uganda and beyond, helping many students achieve their dreams 

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