Malengo facilitates international educational migration in pursuit of poverty alleviation.

1. Student welfare

Our goal is to improve the lives of the students we work with.

When organizational goals seem in conflict, student welfare trumps other concerns (e.g. growth).

We work for the students. Have a service mindset towards them.

2. Staff welfare

The health and happiness of our staff are more important than the work.

Staff mental health is a necessity, not a luxury.

Taking vacations and time off is essential.

We are kind to each other.

We communicate our needs.

We address conflicts proactively.

3. Dedication to evidence

We are dedicated to rigorous evaluation of our success.

We are constantly trying to disprove our model.

If we find that we are causing harm, or not having a positive impact, we change the program.

4. A culture of learning

We try to learn quickly and fearlessly, personally and as an organization.

We challenge others and welcome being challenged.

We are not afraid to be wrong.

We let go of bad ideas joyfully and without our ego getting in the way.

5. Openness and honesty

We strive to communicate openly and honestly.

We own up to mistakes immediately and without sugar-coating.

We respond to others’ mistakes calmy and supportively.

We give kind, constructive feedback to subordinates.

We “manage back” proactively to superiors.

6. Inclusivity and diversity

We strive towards a culture of tolerance and welcoming.

We don’t judge, make fun of, or gossip about others’ identity, culture, preferences, and habits.

We address conflicts proactively.

Intolerance has no place at Malengo.

7. Planned obsolescence

Our ultimate goal is to become obsolete as an organization.

We are dedicated to the mission, but not the organization.

We have a collaborative, not a competitive mindset vis-à-vis other organizations working towards similar goals.