Uganda-Germany Refugee Program

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Malengo’s Uganda-Germany Refugee Program prepares refugees registered in Uganda who hold Ugandan Secondary School Certificates (UACE) for admission to an English-speaking full Bachelor’s program at a German university and provides help with financing. We are specifically looking to support students who have limited means and could not otherwise afford to study at a university.

Why Germany?

German universities are unique, offering high-quality education with no tuition fees to students.
In addition, there is now a growing number of Bachelor’s programs that are taught fully in English; German skills are therefore not required when entering the program. Malengo advises students to take a German course to help them in their day-to-day life. Courses are typically offered free of charge by the universities.

What can scholars study in Germany?

Scholars can study courses in line with their UACE Principals. You can find a list of possible Bachelor’s degrees by clicking here.

What does Malengo offer its selected scholars? 

  • Support to take the IELTS test, including tutoring and funding
  • Guidance and funding to apply to up to three English-speaking bachelors degree programs in Germany from a list of eligible programs and universities
  • Help in applying for and obtaining a student visa for Germany
  • A pre-departure orientation seminar to prepare for life in Germany
  • Assistance in finding accommodation for the first year living in Germany
  • Financial support to cover the first-year living expenses, flight ticket, and related travel costs 
  • Guidance to find a part-time job to help pay for all costs after the first year 
  • A supportive mentor and other network staff to support scholars 
  • Connection to other scholars and wide network of support for social activities and friendship

How it works

Students are selected in a competitive process consisting of an application and a series of interviews. The primary criteria for selection are academic excellence, limited financial means, and motivation to make the most of the opportunity to study in Germany. If we receive more applications from qualified students than we have slots, we will choose the best students out of all the applicants that match the number of students the program can support. If you are unsuccessful in one year, you can try again in the following year if you still meet the criteria. 

Once you become a Malengo Scholar, you receive support in selecting up to three Bachelor’s programs of your choice in Germany from our list of eligible programs. Malengo will support you in applying to the chosen programs. We will also pay for your application fees, and the fees to complete the IELTS English test.

After being admitted to a university of your choice, Malengo supports you in applying for a student visa (including paying for the fees), finding housing, organizing travel, and starting your studies. We also provide an orientation seminar before departure to prepare you for your new adventure.


As a Malengo Scholar, you receive financial support that covers your first-year living expenses, semester fees, and travel and application costs. 

After the first year, we expect that you will be able to support yourself with part-time jobs. 

After you finish your studies and take a job, we expect you to make contributions back to Malengo to allow us to continue our work. This happens through a so-called Income Share Agreement. An Income Share Agreement means that you agree to contribute a share of your income for a limited period. For the 2024 cohort, the parameters are as follows: Students who live in Germany and earn more than EUR 27,000 per year contribute 14% of their pre-tax income for up to 10 years (but never more than EUR 72,624 over their lifetime). If they return to Uganda or another low-income country and earn more than EUR 27,000 per year, they contribute 7% of their pre-tax income for up to 5 years (with the same lifetime maximum). If they do not have an income, or if their income is lower than EUR 27,000, they are not expected to make contributions. All of these numbers are adjusted for inflation on an ongoing basis.

During your studies

While you are studying, our network of staff and mentors will support you. We provide help with everyday issues like dealing with university administration, authorities, and businesses. We also support you in finding a part-time job to help you pay for your living expenses after the first year of studies. And finally, our network is a place for social activities and friendships.

After your studies

Malengo does not have rules or expectations about what you do after you finish your degree. We will support you as best we can in whatever you decide to do. This might include continuing to further studies; finding a job in Germany; returning to Uganda; or moving to a third country. The Malengo Team and our network of mentors are always there to support you with advice.

What does Malengo expect of its scholars? 

After they graduate, if they have a job with a sufficiently high salary, Malengo expects scholars to contribute a share of their income to the next generation of scholars through an ‘Income Share Agreement’ (ISA).’ ISAs are student-friendly and protect students from risk. Instead of a loan where students pay fixed amounts and potentially become saddled with large amounts of debt, ISAs enable scholars to pay a percentage of their earnings over a limited period depending on how much they make and where they live. They pay less money back if they return to their country of origin.

Who can apply?

You are eligible for the program if you fulfill the following set of criteria:

  • Basic Eligibility
    • You have completed the UCE exam
    • You have completed the UACE and have at least two principal passes
    • You are a registered refugee in Uganda with relevant refugee documents such as family attestation & refugee ID
    • Minimum age 18 years, maximum age 29 years by the time of application
    • You have not yet completed a Bachelor’s program
  • Academic Eligibility (based on requirements of German university)
    • 2 subjects at the Principal Level of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with a grade of E or better
    • 3 subjects in the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a grade of 6 or better
  • Additional requirements 
  • You read, write, and speak good English.
  • You come from a background of limited means. We will check this during the application process. If you’re unsure if you qualify, we recommend applying regardless. 
  • You are motivated to work hard to succeed at a German university and integrate yourself into your community there.


We are committed to evidence, and therefore we will study the impacts of the program on your and your family’s lives. After you apply, you will receive the occasional questionnaire from us that asks you about how and what you are doing. Participation is not mandatory. You can still become a Malengo Scholar even if you don’t wish to complete these questionnaires.

Find out more

You can read more about the details of applying on the “How to Apply” page.

Once you are ready to submit your application, you can do so at