How to Apply to Uganda-Germany Refugee Program

Who are we looking for?

Malengo’s Uganda-Germany Refugee Program prepares refugees registered in Uganda who hold Ugandan Secondary School Certificates (UACE) for admission to an English-speaking full Bachelor’s program at a German university and provides help with financing. We are specifically looking to support students who have limited means and could not otherwise afford to study at a university. The goal of the program is not student exchange; rather, we want to support students who want to complete a full BA degree in Germany.

Who is eligible?

You can apply if you fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Basic Eligibility
    • You have completed the UCE exam
    • You have completed the UACE and have at least two principal passes
    • You are a registered Refugee in Uganda with relevant refugee documents such as family attestation & refugee ID
    • Minimum age 18 years, maximum age 29 years by the time of application
    • You have not yet completed a Bachelor’s program
  • Academic Eligibility (based on requirements of German university)
    • 2 subjects at the Principal Level of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) with a grade of E or better
    • 3 subjects in the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a grade of 6 or better
    • These 5 subjects are general knowledge courses and independent from each other, including a mathematical/scientific subject and English. If you are unsure if this applies to you, we recommend applying regardless.
  • Additional requirements
    • You are a registered Refugee in Uganda with relevant refugee documents such as family attestation & refugee ID.
    • You read, write, and speak good English.
    • You come from a background of limited means. We will check this during the application process. If you’re unsure if you qualify, we recommend applying regardless. 
    • You are motivated to work hard to succeed at a German university and integrate yourself into your community there.

The Application Process

Here is our application process, step by step:

  • Step 1: Application Deadlines:
    • The Application is Now Closed
  • Step 2: Submission of additional information:
    If we rank your application highly, we will ask you to submit additional information to understand your background better.
  • Step 3: Decision announcement:
    We will inform you in May whether your application was successful. We will also send you details about the Income Share Agreement we are offering you. We will also let you know if we cannot offer you a spot. 

Any questions? 

Get in touch with us!