Senegal / Côte d’Ivoire – France / Belgium Program

Application form for Inaugural Francophone Malengo Scholar Cohort

Application Deadline: April 15th 2023


Malengo’s Senegal/Côte d’Ivoire–France/Belgium Program prepares Senegalese and Ivorian Secondary School students for admission to Bachelor’s programs in France and Belgium and provides help with financing through income-share agreement (ISA). We are specifically looking to support students who have limited means and could not otherwise afford to study at a university. We support students who want to complete a full Bachelor’s in France and Belgium and have already applied for these programs in a university in either France or Belgium for admission in 2023.

Why France and Belgium?

French and Belgian Universities are unique in offering high-quality education to students studying there and giving them a competitive advantage in the job market once they graduate. This will therefore set Malengo scholars from Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire up for success.

How it works

Students are selected in a competitive process consisting of an application and a series of interviews. The primary criteria for selection are academic excellence, limited financial means, and motivation to make the most of the opportunity to study in France and Belgium. If we receive more applications from qualified students than we have slots, we will choose by lottery. (This will also allow us to study the program’s impacts.) If you are unsuccessful in the lottery in one year, you can try again in the following year if you still meet the criteria.

We are currently looking for students who have already applied for either a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in France or Belgium for admission in 2023, and have either already been admitted or are awaiting admission to a University in France or Belgium. Once you become a Malengo Scholar, you receive support from Malengo after being accepted to a university of your choice. Malengo supports you in applying for a student visa (including paying for the fees), finding housing, organizing travel, and starting your studies. We also provide an orientation seminar before departure to prepare you for your new adventure. Importantly, you also receive financial support for your studies, which is detailed in the next section.


As a Malengo Scholar, you receive financial support which covers the yearly tuition as charged by the University, and your first-year living expenses. We also cover all travel and application costs. After the first year, we expect that you will be able to support yourself with part-time jobs. After you finish your studies and take a job, we expect you to contribute to the next generation of Malengo Scholars. This happens through a so-called Income Share Agreement. An income share agreement means that you agree to contribute a share of your income to future Malengo Scholars for a limited period of time. This will be communicated in detail in a document you will be asked to sign once you qualify to be a Malengo Scholar and before you take up your admission to the university.

During your studies

While you are studying, our network of staff and mentors will support you. We help with everyday issues like dealing with university administration, authorities, and businesses. We also support you in finding a part-time job to help you pay for your living expenses after the first year of your studies. And finally, our network is a place for social activities and friendships.

After your studies

After you graduate, you continue to be part of the Malengo family. You may choose to continue your studies with a higher degree, such as a Master’s degree, MBA, or Doctorate; or you may choose to take a job, in France, Belgium, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, or elsewhere. The Malengo team and our network of mentors are always there to support you with advice.


We are committed to evidence, and therefore we will study the program’s impacts on your and your family’s lives. After you apply, you will receive the occasional questionnaire from us that asks you about how and what you are doing. Participation is not mandatory. You can still become a Malengo Scholar even if you don’t wish to complete these questionnaires.

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